• “Our Single Origin coffees are comprised of select beans from single crops.”
  • “We can pack the coffee of your choosing in the packaging size of your choice.”


Vascobel private label  roast and pack exceptional coffees with your very own label.

In conjunction with our clients we create private label coffee of the highest quality.

Whether it is composing a specific cup profile, packaging, design, certification or all of these elements combined in creating your own labelled coffee, we are willing and able to support wherever needed.

Choosing to partner with Vascobelo private label means partnering with an experienced and passionate family of coffee enthusiasts. Because of our care for the common environment, we are determined to keep inter- and intra-generational equity high on our strategic agenda. We do expect the same kind of commitment of our partners in this matter.


Vascobel offers a choice between different blended espresso, filter, single origin and flavoured coffees. All our coffees are slowly drumroasted and as specialist in private label roasting we are dedicated to pack your coffee in your choice of packing. We are the roasters of your own labelled coffee.


  • Carefully roasted for consistency, our traditional filter and espresso blends will always have the perfect and unique balance of flavours.
    During the years we created more then 25 different espresso blends.
    With one of our blends ( Le ROI) we have won the European Barista worldchampionship Barista in 2009 and 2010.

    Next to a thorough income controle of the green beans, our roasting process is slow and at low temperatures between 209 -212 °C. We pack HACCP
  • Next to blending different varieties to get to a perfect coffee, there are also coffee beans that are exceptional even without blending: single origins.

    Our Single Origin coffees are comprised of select beans from single crops, from Australia to Zimbabwe.
    We have standard in stock about 40 different single origin of the highest quality roasted into perfection.

    To be assured that our Single Origin coffees are produced in an honest manner, we prefer organic, Rainforest Alliance or Max Havelaar coffees in order to be part of a better world and to get and maintain personal relationships with our suppliers and have created high transparency throughout the supply chain.
  • Flavouring coffee has been our expertise and passion for over fifteen years. After many years of working on the art of flavouring coffee, we have reached a perfect harmony between the roasted coffee and the added flavour.

    Living up to our standards, we use 100% mild Arabica beans and exclusively add natural, sugar-free, liquid flavours.
    We offer as well in beans (1000 - 250 gram) as grounded (250 - 125 gram)


Personalized coffee deserves personalized packaging.  The packaging of your coffee should carry out the look & feel you desire. Vascobelo assists in finding the right material and size and creating the best design.

We always recommend using ecologically sound, high-grade aluminium foil with a valve, as it is best for your coffee and the environment.

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  • All our packing is HACCP certified. Because we use ecologically sound, high-grade aluminium foil with a valve, we guarantee an average expiry date of eighteen months.

    We can provide you with neutrally coloured or private labelled foil, whether or not printed with specifications.

  • We can pack in all sizes from seven to 1000 grams.

    We produce private label coffee from 60 kilo onwards.

  • Our graphic designers will be happy to assist you in the creation of the look and feel of your own brand of coffee.


As a conformation of our operational consciousness and our quest for quality.

Fair trade certificate

We offer multiple coffees that carry the Fair trade certificate. Fair trade certification aims to promote better trading conditions and sustainable production processes. We aim to support social and economical intergenerational and intragenerational equity by supporting the Fair trade movement.

Rainforest Alliance certificate

Most of the coffees we offer are Rainforest Alliance certified. By offer Rainforest Alliance certified coffee we aim to help to conserve biodiversity. We aim to support environmental intergenerational equity by supporting the Rainforest Alliance organization.

European Bio certificate

We offer coffees that carry the Organic certificate of the European Union. By offering organically produced coffee we hope to stimulate conscious interaction with our common environment.