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For almost 10 years we share our coffee passion with coffeelovers all over Europe.
New challenges brought us to flavoured roast and ground coffee.
We use 100% Arabica beans flavoured by our unique sugar free natural flavours. With many different flavours to choose from, like the ever popular Amaretto, hazelnut or vanilla to the wonderfully luxurious swiss Chocolate.

Besides the flavoured roast and ground coffee we also offer you flavoured freeze dried coffee. The flavours are natural or nature identical and the blend is a 100% pure Arabica coffee. You can choose between ten different flavours.

Import Benelux Bistrotea: Tea-time was never so stylish and simple..

Our service Private Label roast and pack coffee, flavoured coffee and flavoured freeze dried coffee with your private label design. We handle the rest! You will receive roasted organic premium coffee, freshly packed and private labeled, delivered to you and ready-to-retail.

Private label coffee
Roasted flavoured coffee
Freeze dried flavoured coffee

When you choose for Vascobel private label coffee, you will share the vision of a passionate coffee family.


As our customer you will be served by the experience of our team of coffee geeks.

Next to the unsurpassed level of support of our coffee buyers, master roasters, baristas, great staff and quality control team you will share also the vision of responsible company that goes for a better planet.

With more than 15 years of experience, we are there to help you with  :

-       creating your own blend of coffee

-       sourcing  and roasting the finest single origin coffees in the world

-       the design of your own private label

-       choosing and purchasing your perfectly matching coffee equipment

-       teaching your staff to prepare outstanding great coffees.

Most of all we care to provide you an unparalleled experience and look forwards to welcome you to the Vascobel Coffee family. 



Private label coffee
Roasted flavoured coffee
Freeze dried flavoured coffee